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DHIP on the BBC!

So excited to reveal that this week Rob Sissons from BBC East Midlands came to film a project we've been working on, with NHS Derby and Derbyshire ICB.

The project is a community-led drive to tackle high blood pressure, where we trained up DHIP Community Connector volunteers to take blood pressure readings out in the community.

High blood pressure has been reported in almost 70% of stroke patients and it causes half of all heart attacks, but it has no noticeable symptoms - leading it to be called "the silent killer".

55 volunteers have been trained and provided with blood pressure monitors so they can do the checks in the places people already visit regularly, such as at community centres.

People whose readings are high are offered advice and support to reduce their risk of the potentially-devastating consequences of cardiovascular disease.

Ailya Habib, who has led work to recruit and train volunteers in the city's diverse communities for DHIP said:

"People from minority communities often have worse health or are at greater risk of illness, yet they also often find it harder to access healthcare and advice.

"Knowing you have high blood pressure could save your life because you can then take medical advice and make lifestyle changes to reduce that risk."

The piece was on TV at 6:30pm on Thursday night (29 Feb) but if you missed it you can watch it on catch up here. We're on from 14:24 (link expires 1/3/24 at 6:57pm).

Finally, here are some behind the scenes shots!


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