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Macmillan Wellbeing For All Report

Derby County Community Trust's 'Macmillan Wellbeing for All' programme consists of three main session objectives:

  • Raise awareness and information around signs and symptoms of cancer

  • Increase knowledge around availability of cancer screenings

  • Increase overall amount of physical activity per week.

The programme aims to support ethnically diverse and/or lower socio-economic communities in raising awareness of a variety of different cancers through interactive workshops.

Workshops are delivered bi-monthly in addition to weekly physical activity and social sessions.

Weekly sessions consist of several different variations which are adapted depending on which group we are working with. Social sessions include things such as walking groups, boccia, coffee and quiz mornings.

For more information about the programme, download the report below:

Macmillan Wellbeing For All Report 2023
Download • 6.44MB


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